Farm History

Donald and Beth GasterWaters Run is the farm and family homestead of Donald and Beth Gaster. Their oldest daughter, Sadie and her husband Scot, moved back to the farm in 2015 after their first child was born. In true farm fashion, you can leave the farm, but it never leaves you. Now, with their three boys, they work hard to keep homesteading alive. Depending on the time of year, you can find them working in the garden, making preserves, canning fruits and vegetables, taking care of the three farm horses, baling hay, or planting flowers. Along with Donald, they are working the farm and keeping Beth's hospitality alive. Beth opened the farm to guests in 2001. Serving people and making them feel at home was Beth's specialty — she loved being a host to all that traveled through. After a brief battle with cancer, Beth passed in 2016.


The land has been in the Gaster family for over 100 years.

Scot, Sadie and Family

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